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QC Technologist

Job Description

  • Experience:

0-1 Years (All Modalities)

  • Educational Qualification:

Diploma/Bachelor's/Master's in Medical Radiology and Imaging

  • Skill set required:

  1. Medical Imaging.

  2. Anatomy.

  3. Physiology.

  4. Diagnostic radiographic procedures 

  1. Pathology.

  • Role and responsibility:

  1. To inspect every study by prioritizing the checklist (Name, Age, Gender, Study description, etc). 

  2. Earnest review of every Radiological study for Quality Assurance/Checking.

  3. To inspect the studies, evaluate the reports, and follows-up on dose/comparison alerts in reporting

  4. To audit, the cases for any subtle missed findings/missed reportings - which may cause a challenge for the patients as well as the clients and to minimize such errors of repeatability.

    Micro Tasks QCR

  5. Quickly review reported studies before we receive queries/reviews from the clients.

  6. Quickly review studies brought to the attention of clients for review.

  7. Resolve any queries found by you or raised by the client by communication with reporting doctor and accordingly modify the existing reports, if required.

  8. Making Audit reports for clients.

  9. Maintain smooth communication with reporting doctors and clients enabling them to refer to the latest and updated reports & ensuring to close the issue.

  10. Ensure clarity of communication with reporting radiologists to allow experts to visualize potential errors or bring to attention discrepancies in already created reports which came for review.

  11. Hold review mechanisms to ensure minimal errors in future reports by reporting radiologists.

  • Workdays:

Monday to Friday

  • Compensation:

As per market standards for Work Experience and knowledge.

  • Work Location


Note: Only those candidates apply, who are ok to work from our Pune office, though due to COVID, currently, we are working from home and soon plan to start Work from Office.

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