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GENKI is listed on the resource center jointly developed by Stop TB Partnership and FIND at the AI4HLTH resource center. Please click here

GENKI-AI powered
Public Health Screening Solution


X-Ray and CT Scans based AI-powered solution for Public Health Screening. It covers chest pathologies, including Tuberculosis and COVID19 like infections. 



Use Case

Genki solution is "AI+Expert in the loop" and provides an "end-to-end imaging workflow." A unique human-in-the-loop system where AI augments imaging experts generates reports faster and enhances productivity.


​State-of-the-art is used technology to augment Xray for infectious diseases like TB and Covid 19 patterns and instantly prescreen and triage. We have evolved the entire workflow around them, making imaging assessment, diagnosis, and reporting seamless. A smart notification removes the stress out of the process of reporting. Three key highlights - classify, localize, and quantify lesions. See how we can eliminate TB and fight Covid 19 using Genki.


Genki applies Point of Care Diagnostics, which ushers the much-needed last-mile approach in bridging the gaps in disease elimination. Its solutions can be embedded on mobile X-ray units / CT scanners to ensure instant triage/ pre-screening and comes inbuilt with the entire "end to end workflow" management tools. The key advantages for imaging experts are they can now report all triaged studies first to ensure faster healthcare delivery.


GENKI assists in managing pandemic responses efficiently with a focus on streamlining public screening programs.

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) of 2002 and the H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak in 2015 is examples. 

CT scans of the chest have also hastened to diagnose pneumonia, especially Covid 19 before its features can be seen on X-rays. Novel Corona-Virus (Covid 19) is one such viral pneumonia that can be effortlessly screened using new technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) coupled to X-ray and CT. AI can augment human imaging experts, make their job faster and reduce stress. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used to diagnose pneumonia in radiographs and CT scans. It can easily flag and triage all studies of pneumonia irrespective of the cause - bacterial or viral. At DeepTek we use a unique human in the loop system where AI augments imaging experts generate reports faster and enhance productivity.


AI-assisted screening can enhance the workflow and assist in instant decision-making through a faster triage process. Patients can be subsequently followed up with further investigations which can be a laboratory test or clinical assessment.

Artificial intelligence Powered Instant triaging

Use Case

Genki covers 17 pathologies:

Case Studies

Case Studies

Fighting TB with AI

To know more about DeepTek CT and X-ray Models for AI, you can read the research publication to review our model development process. Click here. TB  ranks in the top 10 reasons for death worldwide. Using deep learning, machine learning, and smart assist AI-first dashboard evolved in-house we plan to diagnose triage and screen TB. This we believe is the best way forward for imaging sciences to contribute to fighting TB and align with the national vision of ending TB by 2025. Global Tuberculosis Report 2019 mentions that USD 10.1 Billion are needed for TB diagnosis and care, close, to US$ 2 Billion is required per year for TB research. that USD 1.2 Billion are the funding gap.


Follow this link to the WHO Global TB Report 2020

The info-graphic we designed gives an interesting insight into TB and  DeepTek's vision to tackle it.

  • Pleural Thickening

  • Pneumothorax

  • Cardiomegaly

  • Tuberculosis

  • COVID-19 Suspect

  • Foreign Objects

  • Pulmonary Edema

  • Mass

  • Infiltration

  • Atelectasis

  • Pleural Effusion

  • Pulmonary Fibrosis

  • Pulmonary Emphysema

  • Consolidation

  • Pneumonia

  • Hernia

  • Pulmonary Granuloma

  • Others

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