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  • Fast: reports in 15 minutes

  • Structured and detailed X-ray reporting

  • 24X7 online support by a team of expert radiologists

  • Pro bono service for 100 X-rays / 30 days

Reports you can trust on, services you can rely on!


Teleradiology is an integral part of telemedicine.

A radiologist has to take multiple crucial decisions every day. Imaging has to be quick and efficient and teleradiology reports need to have a rapid around time so patients can receive appropriate care at the right time.


24x7Artificial Intelligence - PoweredTeleradiology Services 

Leveraging artificial intelligence to provide prompt and efficient teleradiology services to the global imaging marketplace.


Use Case

Case Studies

Use Case
Case Studies
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Solutions offered: 

  • Imaging and diagnosis: radiographic, CT, and MRI imaging to prepare actionable reports in a record turnaround time.

Modalities covered:

  1. X-ray reporting (CR, DR): all types of radiographic examinations and procedures

  2. CT scan reporting (multi-detector scans): for neurology, oncology, acute trauma, emergency, orthopaedics, head and neck, and many more. 

  3. MRI reporting (1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla MRI scans): neurology, musculoskeletal, spine, and body imaging

  • Quality assurance reports: two pairs of eyes are better than one. A QA radiologist scrutinizes reports for errors and quickly fixes them prior to finalization

  • Guidance and support: our support team provides round-the-clock online guidance real-time updates for critical cases. 

  • Radiography 
    CR and DR examinations include the following: 
    Skull, Neck, Mastoid, Styloid Process, Cervical. Thoracic, Lumbar Spine, Chest, Ribs, Sacroiliac Joints, Pelvis with hips, Extremity Xrays like arm, forearm, wrist, fingers, thigh, leg, feet, and fingers.

Exams reported

Customizable notification services

Radiology Services available 24X7, all year long.


 Taking care of your diagnostic reads

  • CT Scan 
    Following CT examinations can be reported: CT Brain, Brain and Neck Angiography, CT spine, CT flexion and extension, Oral Cavity, TMJ, Mastoids, Orbits, HRCT Chest and Temporal, Paranasal sinuses, Dental CT, Abdomen, Pelvis, 3D CT, Cardiac CT and many more.

  • MRI
    Following MRI examinations can be reported: MRI Brain, MRI Brain Angiography, Neck Angiography, MRI Neck,  MRI Skull Base, MRI Cranial Nerves, MRI Orbits, MRI Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Spine, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Fingers, HIP, MRI Knee, Ankle, Foot. Special investigations like Spectroscopy, DTI, Prostate, Fistulogram, Pelvis, MRCP, Cartilage mapping, and bone loss estimation. 


- Dr. Rahul Bacchav
  Dhule 3T MRI Centre

We have been using Deeptek TeleRadiology Services, Structured Reporting Solution and their AI platform for Emergency Radiology, General Radiology, complex MusculoskeletaImaging, Body Imaging, and Neuro Imaging performed on our 3T MRI. The reports are always detailed, quantified & the service is always available 365 days a year.  Deeptek Team Consultants are easily accessible to communicate the results of critical and complex findings with our consultants and also discuss outcomes.


We are a hospital-based in Ratnagiri around 300 km away from the nearest metro city in the Sahyadri mountains range. We have been benefited from DeepteK’s advanced platform with AI features and smart reporting which has ensured prompt reports in less than a few minutes for our digital X-rays. Reports are directly received in our inbox making access simple and we are able to upload studies even on low internet bandwidths. It’s a boon to have such a service. DeepTek also supported the camps we hold for Tuberculosis screening from digital chest X-rays as and when they happen.

- Dr. Ravindra Gode
Gode Hospital Devrukh,


Pay as you use

  • Our future-ready services are available at zero client cost and no upfront costs. 

  • We can also partner with your existing cloud-deployed teleradiology services platform to integrate our AI-enabled tools for further long-term cost savings.

Services at every step of your need

  • Validation

  • Research

  • Trails

  • Processing

Contact us

Contact Us

Reporting on
regular weekdays

Automated reporting tool covers peak hour patient traffic. 

Telephonic alerts for stat cases.

Reporting on weekends

Weekend services bridge the gap for smooth services.  

Connected via chat box 

Reporting on
national holidays 

Trained manpower available all year round to handle crucial cases. 

Reports in your inbox

Product subcategories

XR- for X-ray teleradiology

  • Prompt: reports in 60 minutes

  • Structured and detailed CT and MRI reporting

  • 24X7 online support by a team of expert radiologists

  • Subspecialty experts provide detailed reports

TR- for CT & MRI teleradiology

We have been using DeepTek Advanced AI-enabled Radiology Platform for MRI studies on a
regular basis for getting a quick reading of emergency scans for stroke imaging. We have always received prompt reports of excellent quality and there is instant communication with the support team and radiologists to resolve any queries.


- Amit Dahiwadkar
  Kalyan CT and MRI
  Diagnostic Centre


Using DeepTek, we are always assured prompt reports from trained radiologists with
detailed structured reporting of our complex neuro MRI and CT studies using their state of the art platform and AI technology.

- Dr Valsangikar
SP Institute of Neurosciences,        Solapur


You have an imaging product that needs validation, we have the tools.

If you need qualitative and quantitative image interpretation, then look no further.

 For an imaging-based trial on your mind, we have the answer to your queries. 

3D and 4D data post-processing we have a toolkit of Mac and Windows just for you.

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