Consultant Radiologist

Job Description

Passionate about cross-sectional imaging and radiography. The job involves analyzing the radiology image data, in-depth analysis of images, image annotations, generating radiology reports, archiving reports, closely coordinating with the data scientist as a domain expert.

  • Experience:

 0-10 years of relevant experience.

  • Educational Qualification:

DMRD/ MD/ DNB/ PhD in Radiology and Imaging.

  • Skill set required:

​Using PACS, RIS, DICOM Software, Analysis of Radiology Metadata and off-course radiology image interpretation.

  • Email at: 

Please send resumes with Subject: Resume of (Your Name) – Consultant Radiologist- 2021 

  • Workdays:

Monday to Friday

  • Compensation:

Remuneration consists of fixed Salary plus Bonus that is in line with industry standards.


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DeepTek’s mission is to make quality radiology services more affordable and accessible by leveraging the power of AI.

It is amongst very few Radiology AI companies which have successfully adopted its technology in a commercial mode – creating clear and quantifiable value for patients, hospitals, and radiologists. Currently, it is servicing over 50 hospitals and imaging centers and helping governments (India and APAC region) in their Tuberculosis, COVID 19, and other public health screening programs.

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