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75th Annual Philippine College of Radiology Convention

Presented at the 75th Annual Philippine College of Radiology Convention in collaboration with Shimadzu Philippines Corporation

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Learning meet by USAID India

AI-powered Chest X-ray screening solution, Genki showcased at the "X-Ray access and Artificial Intelligence for improved TB care" at the Learning meet hosted by USAID India

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Showcased our AI powered radiology solutions at the Deep Tech Summit - Transformation Through Indigenous Innovation hosted by NASSCOM. 


36th StopTB Partnership Board Meeting

Presented Genki to members and delegates from 40 different countries in the mission to End TB.

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NRA- AOSR Conjoint Conference, Nepal

Showcased AI-powered Chest X-ray solution - Genki to healthcare experts from all over Nepal at the 1st NRA- AOSR Conjoint Conference in Pokhara. 

Arab Health 2023

Demostrated AI-powered solution for Chest X-rays, Genki at Arab Health 2023 colloboration with Shimadzu Middle East and Africa.


ISRRT 2022

Showcased our AI powered solutions at at the 22nd International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) World Congress in Bangkok in collaboration with BJC Healthcare and Shimadzu Asia Pacific.

Radiology AI in
Action with DeepTek
at RSNA 2022

Our AI-powered radiology orchestration solution Augmento has already created waves across the Asia Pacific and is also getting deployed in a progressive Singapore health system. Genki - the AI-powered public health screening solution is helping medical professionals across India, the Philippines, Mongolia, and several other countries in the APAC region to eradicate TB by identifying suspected cases promptly and precisely, leading to earlier treatment.


Annual Radiology Meeting (ARM), Dubai 2022

Presented at the Annual Radiology Meeting (ARM), Dubai 2022

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