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We understand the challenges physicians have while providing point of care in intensive care units (ICU).  Digital Chest  x-ray is key for making critical diagnosis. We provide a solution which makes your workflow simplified and intuitive. It improves your radiology digital X-ray turn around time by using powerful triage solutions and expert radiological opinions.  Powered by deep learning and machine learning tools it delivers results.  Augmenting healthcare providers and imaging experts by harnessing the latest technological developments and innovations. Request for a white paper to know more about augmented radiology for the ICU.



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DeepTek’s mission is to make quality radiology services more affordable and accessible by leveraging the power of AI.

It is amongst very few Radiology AI companies which have successfully adopted its technology in a commercial mode – creating clear and quantifiable value for patients, hospitals, and radiologists. Currently, it is servicing over 50 hospitals and imaging centers and helping governments (India and APAC region) in their Tuberculosis, COVID 19, and other public health screening programs.

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