"you can't solve the problem at the same level it was created.  You have to rise above it to the next level"

                                                                                                                                                                                       Albert Einstein 


digital chest x-rays screened using deep learning tools empowering imaging experts, increasing productivity and assisting in the fight against TB.


If you would like to see our AI metrics and review how AI fits in the entire process of TB analysis, please review this research paper. Click here

The AI solution from DeepTek for TB detection and prescreening is called Genki. Genki solution is "AI+Expert in the loop" and provides a "end to end imaging workflow".  The product is listed on the resource center jointly developed by Stop TB Partnership and FIND at the AI4HLTH resource center. Please click here to view the product composition. 

​TB  ranks in the top 10 reasons of death worldwide. Using deep learning, machine learning and smart assist AI first dashboard evolved in house we plan to diagnose triage and screen TB. This we believe is the best way forward for imaging sciences to contribute in fighting TB and align with the national vision of ending TB by 2025.


Global Tuberculosis Report 2019 mentions US$ 10.1 Billion is needed for TB diagnosis and care, close to US$ 2 Billion is required per year for TB research. US$ 1.2 Billion is the funding gap.

The info-graphic we designed gives an interesting insight of TB and  DeepTek's vision to tackle it